31 comments on “Ze Tian Ji Chapter 196

  1. Thank you so much for the chapter…
    …but also, I wish to thank you for taking the time off to read back and research the way the novel’s been going, in order to better translate it.

    We all appreciate the effort and professionalism you’re treating this with. Thank you so much!

    (Also, Wang Zhi Ce’s opinions at the end of the last chapter remind me a lot of Jean Paul Sartre’s brand of existentialism, with its focus on radical freedom, independent of all or any determinisms.)

  2. Great!!! Thanks for the chapter and Thanks you for translating this novel(and a good translation too)

  3. Ehh?! Waiit! Did that mist thing just connect all his broken meridians?! And also made his star energy strengthen? Or was it that he also changed his star! Eeeehhh?!!!!!!!!

  4. Small red stars are red dwarfs which can live for a eternity, from the birth and end of the galaxy, and are the most common star in the universe. They also have potential to have life forms in their solar systems. -Science!

  5. Thank you for your time!
    Just caue I’m new to your website; With what kind of frequency do ou plan to release chapters now that it is a main project?

    • Mate i know what u mean, the pungent smell of fromage gently placed upon the young branch of a birch tree slowly die from the winter cold, perfection in only a couple of words. All should applause this mythical being known as john.

  6. No updates for almost a month. Seems like this project is dead again…shame when it was pretty good compared to all the other one dimensional xianxia/xanxuen (sp?) Mc and novels.

  7. I don’t believe in fate…it seems morbid that by changing his fate, 24 others died…I hope Chen Chang Sheng won’t have to face a decision like that: where it’s his life or the life of his friends.

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