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  1. Wow. You have ze tian ji and otherworldy evil monarch.

    Thanks for translating

  2. Thanks for picking up the translation of this novel. BTW, at least in my opinion, Stargazing Pavilion sounds better actually…

  3. wow nice chapter and a good surprise. i liked that translate till the end part. thanx for ur hard work

  4. Thanks for the chapter
    Thanks for the hardwork, i really hope that you wont give up this novel.

  5. You’re looking at Binggo&Corp’s old translations (which weren’t bad but also weren’t amazing).

    Just as a head’s up, I think the people asking you to use the “previous” translator’s terminology are referring to bbkgs at Shiroyukineko Translations, who translated chapters 107-191.

    He was an excellent translator.

  6. Thanks for the chapter! Hoping you guys will be able to take the novel to its completion!

  7. Thank you for taking the time to translate the author’s prose into English. It’s particularly difficult to translate this work of vibrant and flowery language without losing the nuances. Thanks for taking the time in trying to keep them.

  8. Thanks a lot for the chapter 🙂
    And Thanks for trying to make a smooth transition between you and the past translator

  9. You forgot something
    Chapter 1 to 104 used the first translator
    And chapters 105 to 191 a different translator.
    So I think its better to wait till you have read 191 to make changes

    • I am aware of that. So I will be making changes after I have read all of the chapters.
      I have listed the terminologies that are present in the latest translated chapters (the chapters before 192) so the readers don’t get confused.

  10. Will you be making a Character list to go along with the glossary?

    Thank you~

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