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  1. Thanks for picking this up, I’m having problems reading this on my phone due to the color of the text when I read on mobile due to the colors. If it’s possible to change it, that would be extremely helpful to my reading experience. Thank you 🙂

    • We tried to switch to white background but gave up on the idea due to some technical issues. We will try again 🙂

  2. Thanks for your effort! Keep it up!

    P.s are you going to split chapters into 2 parts?

    • If the chapter is split by the author then we will also split. This chapter was originally split by the author.

  3. I do notice a translation difference, but it is really smooth reading right now, keep up the good work! :3

  4. Could you give a link to login to this site through wordpress, so we can use our wordpress accounts to comment? You know the Meta think on sites like wuxiaworld

  5. Thanks for the chapter XD

    Btw, maybe using something other than “demon” and “devil” may be a help.. cause honestly… they’re practically the same thing in English (depending on context) so it’s kinda confusing…

  6. Thanks for the chapter

    Could you please use another word for the races? Because devil and demon are really confusing
    The previous translator used yao race and demon race

    Demon race being the “ennemis”
    And yao race being the humanity allies here

  7. Holy Sh*t people! Do not google Fighter of the destiny TV series! It gives huge ( by huge i mean HUGEST) spoilers on the novel . It basically says MC’s origins which are still unknown for us because translations are too behind than raws and few other details like future romance developments and stuff. Why did i even googled in the first place? Omg so unlucky…

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