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  1. When i saw ZTJ was dropped, my heart dropped! And now when i saw you picking it up, my heart sings… Thank you

  2. I am glad to see a chapter thank you!

    As for the aforementioned terminology differences the previous translator had utilized fate. Out of curiosity how interchangeable are those words in Chinese? If one is a better fit then I would probably go with that.

    • If you go by dictionary definitions, Fate is something that is out of your control and Destiny is what you are meant to do.
      So, in the context of the chapter, at first it seems like fate fits better since people are unable to change their fate as portrayed by fixed arrangement of stars.
      But, if you consider the three individuals who actually changed it, then the suitable word is Destiny.
      Because Great Dynasty Emperor was destined to die as a weakling but he changed his destiny 😀
      To be honest, even I cannot say for sure which one is correct.

      • Fate would be a better in this case thought, since one of the central themes of the story is that “fate can’t be changed”.
        逆天改命 is basically “going against the (will of the) heavens and changing your life (life in this case has a double meaning of fate).
        The three in this chapter are the only people who have succeeded in going against something that is deemed unchangeable.
        Destiny also has a much more human-related meaning (aka, it’s something imposed by humans, or by human society on someone), while fate is considered to be the decision of some higher being. for example, you could say that one person is destined to be king (because of human laws: his lineage, his position, his disposition, his qualities, his power, etc), but fated to fail (because of some reason that’s not controllable by humans, such as an illness).

  3. for the first 191 chapters, I thought the story is set in a fictional world and now in 192 it is about alternative fantasy history of ancient china?

  4. yaaaayyyyy!!! THANK U SO MUCH FOR PICKING THIS STORY UP! I was so devastated when I first found out that the story has been dropped by the previous tl. Really looking forward to the cont. of this good story. Thank you once again. ??

  5. IIRC fate has been the term of choice.. I think it works better. It’s more correct.

    Fate: it’s out of your control. Destiny: it’s what you are meant to do. Destiny has slightly more positive connotations. You’d more usually say “he was fated to die in that accident” but “he was destined for greatness”.

    Thanks for picking up this series!

  6. In the context of the story Destiny is actually a better translation than Fate – and should probably be capitalised.

    The reasons why will become clear over the next arc – so explaining without spoiling is difficult – but essentially all of the magic in this series is based on the stars, so astrology is a major element in how the people in this novel view Destiny and they can use astrology to somewhat determine the Destiny of a person – which is largely why the MC believes he will die at age 20.

    It’s not just a medical diagnosis, he believes it is his Destiny to die then with the only possible cures for his fatal Destiny being to reach the same power level as the Divine Queen before he reaches 20 (so he can ignore his Destiny) or to use magic to change his Destiny – which is the whole reason he had to finish first in the competition.

  7. Haha, man, I have to admit. I hate this sites design (personal taste/preference) so I have refused to pick up novels here, but you’ve rescued both ZTJ and OEM, both novels I love, from the abyss of abandonment. I hereby declare your site worthwhile, even with lal that background noise and questionable color scheme.

    • We are working on changing our site’s design to make it more reader-friendly.
      Thanks for your valuable feedback 🙂

  8. The background is a bit distracting and it doesn’t fit well with the black background of the text and dark grey text. Could you please change the site background? Also I notice people have been using word press to login and post comments but I can’t find a login section anywhere on this site.

    • We are working on a white background design for the site.
      Should be up in some time

      • The batery of my cellphone like black/dark styles, sometime one need to get use to it since not many sites uses this style, but i started to like it cuz the pages where i read raws has the option to make it dark so i discovered that saves batery and dont offend my eyes in my darkroom reading times… if stead of changing to a light style you could make a turn on light option, would be cool.

        Thanks for rescuing TZJ, wish you health and peace everyday of your life…

        • We have been planning on working on a suitable method for making that happen, but it could take some time….

  9. Thanks for the chapter XD

    Btw, maybe you should just stick with the terms used by the previous translator so that it has a great consistency…

    Also, he’s right now still trying to edit the older chapters at the least. Maybe you should contact him to find all of his terminology or have him edit the terms to fit your translation.

  10. Yey~! Someone picked ZTJ~!
    Though, I recommend for you to ask the previous translator for the words/terminology’s glossary for consistence’s sake.
    Also, there are novels that are okay to use chopped chapters, but when the chapter is building a certain moment it is better to go with one go, because if not it will lose the moment and be just ‘bah’ like this piece of chapter.
    Thanks for the translation!

    • We are going through the glossary and previous chapters. We will try our best to maintain consistency.
      Thanks for your suggestion 🙂

  11. Thank you for picking up. Black background is hard to read when there are lots of text. If possible please make light background with dark text. I think it is less straining for the eyes.
    Fate or destiny, I personally prefer fate. It just make the impossible possible, which is why they are defying heaven.

  12. I just want to say ty ….this is my favorite website from now on since you pick tge otherworld evil monarch and this both histories are great and slightly different from the normal ones …..

  13. This chapter made my eyes spin you know~

    Anyway, am glad you guys picked up ZTJ.

    Looking fwd for more.

  14. Whooooooooooo!!!!

    Thanks *so so so so so so so* so so so *so so so* so much for picking this up, guys!!!!!!

  15. First, thank you for picking up this series. I was sad to see it go, and appreciate your efforts.
    Secondly, I really like your mobile site. Dark backgrounds with light text are much better for eyestrain, and is appreciated. I, for one, hope you don’t change it.
    Finally, I was planning to voice my support for fate over destiny, but seeing that it has implications down the line, I can wait and see.
    The only problem I’ve had so far is my phone’s keyboard opening and closing constantly, but that could be my phone. It’s quite terrible.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks 🙂
      A phone’s keypad usually opens when it senses that you’ve clicked on a textbox (or any other place where you need to input text). It could be malfunctioning, or it could be possible that you might have text based app running below…

      Novel Saga Team.

  16. Thanks. Finally caught up.
    It is a good story. I do find the author a bit long winded, with too much philosophy thrown in, for example this chapter (which I simply skim through 🙂 )

    Looking forward to more update!

  17. I was honestly quite worried that ZTJ would not be translated to the standard set by the last translator were it ever to be picked up again. I must say I am agreably surprises! Good job!

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