3 comments on “Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 302

  1. Mo clan continues to dig its grave

    Wow didn’t expect him to come clean about who killed his brothers.

  2. I think that when Chu Yang does go visit the Mo clan, he’ll do one of two things.

    1. He will be formal with the clan, at first, and declare that he can fix Qing Wu and that the price will be Qing Wu, herself. Of course, the clan will try to use the opportunity to tie him down, but will be quickly silenced and be forced to give her up

    2. It’ll start out formal, but will quickly degrade into the massacre of the clan elders, with only the clan head being left alive. Chu Yang will then leave with Qing Wu

    Either way, the clan will lose Qing Wu and their power will quickly drop, until Mo Tian Ji becomes the next clan head. I think that only then will Chu Yang bring Qing Wu back to visit the clan and find a way to bring the clan back to power

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