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  1. I am sorry but I am not sure if its the translating or the proof reading or both , but compared to the other novels on the site, it hurts my brain to try and read this. Not at the same level as other novels

    • Hi Marc,

      We have made some minor changes here and there to make things easier for the readers.

      The author of this novel is Blood Red. He is a legendary Chinese web-novel author and famous for his unique but complicated writing style. He is very poetic and philosophical and he pours it all in his novels. We have tried to capture the soul in his writing and tried to convey it through our translation. It may seem a bit confusing and complicated at first but you will get used to his writing style in few chapters.

      Do note that Blood Red is not an ordinary author, he is a pro, and while translating his masterpiece, our team is working hard to give proper justice to him and the story he wants to relay to us all 🙂

      Thanks for your valuable feedback.


      Novel Saga team

    • Hi TheBob

      We just checked on Novel Updates.
      We released the first chapter on 18th June
      They released it on 19th June
      Maybe, they were not aware that we have already picked it up.
      Thanks for pointing it out 🙂


      Novel Saga Team

  2. ohh so a new journey begins, err… what is the release schedule?

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