9 comments on “The Beast’s Blood Boils Chapter 9

  1. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooow SHE IS A CHILD, a very well endowed one BUT STILL THAT’S CRIMINAL YOU DOG.
    THANKS FOR THE CHAPTER, JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR LI CHA TO FIGHT AN ELEPHANT OR A WHALE I WOULD MAKE AN EPIC OUT OF IT….. now for the important thing, when is the next chapter???!?!?!?!?!!???!

  2. Yaaaay thanks for the update guys. Im really excited to hear you all are down for the challenge! The chapters are a bit huge but its good to know that it doesn’t scare you all! I can’t wait for more chapters! I really enjoy this novel. Hopefully (which is less likely to happen, that I know) we can have quicker updates!

    I hope the MC gets some power up or something happens that will make him more handsome or at least less ulgy. I actually want to look like a human again to shock them or at least a cool looking unique hybrid human or something. Being called an orc or pig man is not cool.

    • Hailun has red hair and red tail, the rest of her body is like an adult human female

  3. Thanks for the chapter! Sucks that he has to keep his ugly mug and pretend to be a pigman now haha. I’m guessing he’ll restore his features at some point.

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