8 comments on “The Beast’s Blood Boils Chapter 17

  1. Aww, that’s disappointing. So the egg didn’t survive? Ah well, I hope fruit at least gets some benefits from eating its flesh. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Thanks for the chapter
    So Zhenhan actually turned into a pigman? Or is it just Hailun believing him to be one

  3. He should eat some turtle meat!… also do turtle eggs have the same effect as turtle blood to enhance vigor??, his coconut shell will crumble… also he needs facial surgery or at least take some time to cut his facial hair from his eyebrows and the rest of this face, from what we know he is fkng ugly!

  4. oh cmon.. why did he have to turn into some ugly pigman?
    yet super hot fox spirit still likes him? the hell~
    i wish he had just disfigured face and nothing else (wich could be helaed later on) >.>

    • Sigh, he’s not a pig man. He’s pretending to be one. His nose is just fucked up from what I’ve read and swollen to the point of him being perceived of having a pig man face. It’ll heal within time or with magic. >_<

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