13 comments on “The Beast’s Blood Boils Chapter A.1

  1. Thanks for the chapter
    Only first chapter but i already impressed by the worldbuilding details..

  2. [Liú Zhènhàn] i think is a different version of his name i was looking for an alternate. got so annoying after hearing Liu Shock 8 times it just sounds so stupid i had to stop reading to ask if you could change it to a different name. Liu Shock just dosent have a good ring to it at ALL.

    • Some readers have reported the same issue so we have decided to use the Chinese version of his name. We are going to use the same name as you suggested i.e.
      Liu Zhenhan

  3. I ‘researched’ the mmoorpg game and i found some very nice pictures on google :3 anyway Thanks for this awesome chapter!

  4. err…I don’t think its that easy to ‘pluck’ a coconut out of the tree…let alone just by throwing stones at them.
    also, not easy to open it…even if you smash it on stones, probably going to lose most of the water inside, and I dont know how he can ‘scoop’ the coconut flesh…also it is ‘older’ coconut then no soft flesh…


  5. “it was prohibited to make a move on the female soldiers from same battalion, but doesn’t that make them mere ornaments for decoration?” – aside from this pretty troubling statement, this looks good so far, thank you.

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