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  1. I’m having problems myself my IP address has been blacklisted. And I’m can’t seem to find a contact button anywhere on the site

  2. I’m having problems myself my IP address has been blacklisted. And I’m can’t seem to find a contact button anywhere on the site

    • Hi,

      This is probably just a regular reaction from our server in response to illegal traffic activities (No, we’re not blaming you…. someone within the range of your IP address was being naughty.).
      Please check again in a while (usually a day or two.), and you should have normal access by then.

      Novel Saga Team.

  3. I’m getting some mad redirects all of sudden on my iPhone 7 (iOS 10.0.2) when I use safari, but nothing on my tablet (ASUS, Android) and on desktop. I used chrome on my tablet and firefox on my laptop in case that’s helpful. It redirects the moment I enter the site without clicking on anything. If I use the pocket app on my phone and access the website, it works fine. This didn’t happen a few days ago, so it must be recent.

    • We’ll arrange the device and check. IPad, android phones and laptops definitely aren’t facing any issues…..
      (Arranging an Iphone7 might take some time……)

      • I checked in today to see if I would get the same redirects; I’m not getting any redirects today on my iPhone 7. I’ve been coming in these past few days and it was only yesterday (October 5, 2016 MST) that I was experienced redirects. I’m not sure if you still want to check into this issue or not, but as of today, I’m not experiencing the redirects.

  4. I always get redirected from my android phone. I get in the site normaly and a couple of seconds later I get redirected through 3-4 websites, often to end up at porn. I even tried deleting cookies and reseting the browser history, but nothing works. I am really enjoying the translations but it is literally impossible visit the site through an android. Hope you fix it soon

    • Hi Robert,

      Sometimes there are a few bad organizations trying to mint money by spamming online sites. Its possible that some of these sites might have recently acquired IP addresses in the same range as yours, and as a result the entire range probably got banned temporarily from the system.

      Please understand that this system is an automatic one, and there’s not much we can do about it.
      However, these blacklists are refreshed every 24-48 hours usually. So please check back in a day or two, and you should have regular access by then.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Novel Saga Team.

  5. The redirects still happen and is pretty bad after 10-15 seconds loading the site on my phone i’m redirected to other sites. The device is an android phone model Vodafone VF-795

    • Thanks for that information. We’ll look into it right away.

      Also, could you tell us the country you’re facing this in? (These redirect guys are getting smarter by the day….. these redirects are often country specific….)

      Novel Saga.

    • Hi there,
      We’ll look into it straight away. Could you please mention your country?
      Novel Saga Team.

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