13 comments on “Qidian International

    • Hi kenchan223,

      OEM, MGS and TTNH are going to move to Qidian International.

      Novel Saga Team

  1. is there going to be any benefits or downsides to the current projects? …i guess what I’m trying to ask is wether is this good news or bad news …? ?

    • How are we supposed to be happy about the fact you secured TTNH for your site, when there wasnt even a single update to this site since 9 days ago? Not even mentioning the date of this post. I’m starting to get grumpy over here. Do what you promised or let those that are willing to make the effort do it instead.

  2. What happened with the translations of Dragon Martial Emperor, abandon the project ?, the other novels still coming out, but not Dragon Martial Emperor, what a disappointment. (— — )

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