15 comments on “Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 212

  1. Hahaha… i am guessing that Jun Moe Xie promised Han on making Falcon burst into tears or making fun of him ?.

  2. “The Solitary Falcon squatted down to the ground to ask Hai Chen Feng, but accidentally found his eyes catching a glimpse of the scene under Jun Mo Xie’s gown from his lowered altitude…..” LMAO when I realized that last chapter he didn’t have the time to get some underwear

  3. Thanks for the chapter! Heh can’t wait for the family to gain a helper on the level of the grandmasters.

  4. Thanks for the chapter ^_^
    Dame you Jun Mo Xie how can you be so badass
    i believe the 8 grand-masters well work for him at the end or at least 1/2 of them

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