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  1. Ugh I’m very worried where this story direction will take. It was cool at first but his barbaric rudeness is kind of distasteful. This guy treating you like an old friend and yet you try to haggle someone like this

    • Remember how he treated his master in his past life.(the toilet paper……) XD
      This story has 70% comedy, 30% everything else ;p

    • Remember how he treated his master in his past life. …the toilet paper…… XD
      This story has 70/100 comedy, 30/100 everything else ;p

    • You forget that Jun Mo Xie is different from his grandfather and uncle, they treat everything with respect, honor and straightforwardness, in the other hand mo xie is shrewd , cunning and despicable. He will do anything in order to win, be it, cheat others, lie or kill with a borrowed knife. If he doesn’t profit from an action, it isn’t worth of his time. If you want a MC that is kind and helpful go read invincible salaryman or something like that. Jun Mo Xie is my kind of despicable MC and make me laugh a lot everytime he cheat others with a crafty smile or with his fake haughty demeanor

    • O.O… Heh… even in real life… will you let a barely known friend taking advantages and make you suffer a loss? Imagine a person you met a couple of times suddenly act like buddy buddy and ask you that he will pay later but needs you to give your luxury item first… you are just asking yourself to get swindle if you give in.

      Furthermore, Jun Mo Xie cannot appear easy to comply or his schemes won’t succeed. Plus it won’t be hillarious or out of his character style if he doesn’t do what he does?.

      • In their world, hobo wine would be considered good wine! Who knows what connoisseurs would be willing to do for a Chateau Margaux.

  2. Ngeh.. -wish to hit JMX’s head for supporting Falcon to rob people and even gave him info on the houses that he should rob-.

    • It’s not for no reason that Mo Xie is inciting Solitary Falcon. He’s simply borrowing a knife.

  3. Thanks for the chapte! Is his great plan to get the Solitary Falcon addicted to his wine so he has to listen to him? At this rate he’ll just end up an alcoholic haha.

  4. I guess this is how he tells the Princes to not fck with him. By utilizing SF to cripple the financial strength of their allies.

  5. Thanks for the chapter! Haha! Nice quest. Is this an MMORPG?
    Rob the rich people in the area.
    Rewards: Infinite wine.
    There are quite a handful of comments lol. I need more!!

  6. Caught up! This has gotta be the funniest novel I’ve read. Big thanks to the translators (past and current). x’D I wish you all a happy new year.

  7. New to the novel and read all 211 chapters during a weekend, didn’t realize that the novel wasn’t finished (translation-wise) and ended up feeling a bit sad.

    Fantastic translations, I love the fine detailing and the advanced yet pleasant language which is used in the chapters.

    But I can’t help but ask how often you release chapters because I couldn’t see any pattern from the earlier releases.
    Estimated that you release between 15-20 chapters a month. This means that to finish the remaining 1000 chapters it will take about 4,75 years.

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