10 comments on “Martial God Space Chapter 293

  1. Ye Xiwen’s body completely the divinities which almost immediately transformed into a roaring spirit wolf

    “completely the divinities” makes no sense

    You can deal with this old monster. He is out of your league!

    You mean CAN’T?

    And will this tribulation level our boy up?

    Thanks for the chapter XD

  2. Why doesn’t this guy think something like “Since this youth is even stronger than our genius who we pour everything into, he are likely to have strong backing comparable to ours or might even stronger. I shouldn’t provoke him and threaten his family without thinking. There might be serveral legendary level expert and I would courting death to fight them all.”

    • Because that would have been smart and non emotional unlikebhis response to the wolf dying in a death match he started

  3. Hahah those typos mentioned earlier by DMR made for a pretty funny conversation. Thanks for the chapter

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