9 comments on “Martial God Space Chapter 290

  1. (reached 9th level True realm)
    (keeps grinding)
    (another fortuitous event)

    “So I guess he reaches Legendary realm and can finally start kicking some ass right?”
    “Actually he’s stabilizing his cultivation in the 9th level.”
    “Maybe after finishing the rest of the library?”
    “He’s afraid that he can’t handle the halfstep legendary book demons.”
    “The MC conveniently turned chickenshit at just the right moment huh? Considering he’s strong against demons, and have been dismembered on multiple occasions for the sake of leveling.”
    “You’re probably right.”
    “So when will he reach Legendary realm?”
    “He will probably need to reach peak 9th level first.”
    “Then there’s this True Complete thing.”
    “Then this Halfstep Legendary thing that the writer will probably retcon into a realm.”
    “So, when will he reach the goddamned Legendary realm?”
    “There are more than 3000 chapters left you know.”

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