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  1. Welcome back! And Your health comes first. So don’t worry about us waiting~
    And Thank you for the Chapter!

  2. #walloftext

    Thanks for the chapter. No on else gave their opinion on the level after legendary. I personally like saint realm but that seems to mimic some of the titles from other xianxia whereas the titles that seem to appear in this book are actually different.

    Truth > Legendary > Sage
    is a little more uniform to me than
    Truth > Legendary > Saint

    Sacred, holy and saint all sort of have the same connotation but if we look at what has made Ye Xiwen stronger recently it was knowledge and comprehension. I think it makes more sense to say that it is wisdom and not holiness that separates Legendary and Sage relams and Sage is the only translation that I think captures both the sense of holiness and wisdom.

  3. Thanks for the chapter XD

    Welcome back XD

    Just keep it as “Sage”. We don’t need too many terms anyways -_-

  4. Welcome back! have been waiting since u started this TL! hoping for the fast updates like in the past 😀

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