14 comments on “Martial God Space Chapter 279

  1. First. More action would be appreciated, or at least some fun power-ups.
    Thanks for the chapter.

    • Nah what he gained would be superficial knowledge enough to get to legendary realm but with a weak base and the amount of energy he would need shivers probably a legendary core from a beast would be the only option…

  2. Seems like the leveling indication for the MC is misread or he’s not leveling up according. Best if the level is indicated with numbers instead of wordings which are confusing. For example: low 8, mid 8, late 8, peak 8. Not like “Complete Truth realm”, “half-step legendary realm”, etc. Easier to remember than get confused being wordy. “Half-step” is above “peak” but not enough for the next level. God, might as well use percentage for leveling status. =(

  3. I love this novel.but i have to so long for every chapter. So please get more translators for it.

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