8 comments on “Martial God Space Chapter 277

  1. Thanks for the chapter XD

    I wish it could be mentioned to these idiots how they are older and had better resources and heritage and yet are still weaker…

  2. IKR.

    This guy has some nerve to complain about some1 else’s training, when he obviously hasn’t graduated from obedience school himself. Ye Xiwen needs 2 seriously send this loud & obnoxious mutt running back 2 TMU w/ his tail between his legs & let’s hope he remembers 2 use d doggy door this time. He’s clearly thinking 2 highly of himself, because he’s been walking on 2 legs for so long, instead of all 4.

    Thanks 4 d chapter.

  3. I wonder if the doggy can beat up the other arrogant son of a btch lol anyways this seems like the easiest way to become a inner disciple beat up one of there inner disciples

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