11 comments on “Martial God Space Chapter 276

  1. He was too far from entering into the truth realm, but he was still too far from his younger’s level.

    You mean He wasn’t too far I’d think

    Thanks for the chapter XD

  2. It’d be fun if not the MC trashed the arrogant douchebag but if the Wolf Cub did so. It’d be hilarious xD

  3. I just notice that Ye Xiwen seems to be surrounded by shota companions (wolfie and Ye Mo) instead of girls like other MC. Seriously, shota wolfie just appear less than 20 chapters but his screen time is already comparable to heroine candidate that appear like 200 chapters ago.

  4. Thanks 4 d chapter.

    Seems like some some1′ in need of an attitude adjustment, by way of an old fashioned @$$ whippin.

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