13 comments on “Martial God Space Chapter 267

  1. I just thought of something… shouldn’t he have leveled up to the 9th stage because of the 2 Zombie cores?

    Just do that already

  2. wtf is wrong with these peopme they swear thyre school is at war so they solve help that by ploting against their betters

  3. Using the invasion as a pretense for causing strife in the school sure sounds smart. Thanks for the chapter

  4. If these are all the idea of that pro disciple guy then he have such a brilliant mind. Let’s antagonize everyone else right away, surely they will all submit without resistant. Oh they resist? then let’s suppress them, we are great so they won’t be casualty. More than half of us die? nah we are still great so enemy that are rampaging everywhere won’t attack us. And weee~ this guy who powered up so fast in normal environment come back from place with great opportunity but he likely to power up very slow so I can kill him for sure.

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