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  1. Thanks translator.

    For a moment there I thought this rage-inducing 8th prince would survive this calamity known as Ye Xiwen

  2. Damn, that guy contradict himself really fast. First he say that 8th prince can’t be kill since he’s strong and necessary for the continent overall strength. Then he try to kill MC who’s stronger than 8th prince which will diminish the strength of the continent even more. Seriously, saving a weaker one while antagonize the stronger one is super logical choice. Moreover, 8th prince just help in freaking destroy all the younger generation of one of their continent major sect and will continue to do so with the other ones too. Is that also helpful for their future!?

    • most likely chen has some sort of thinking that leaders should be royalty and strong

    • Perfectly stated not to mention even if he mc is weaker he s still a super genius under 50 who he just watched them try to kill and the price and that other guy were taking out war potentials

    • Its all about connections and alliances!!!!
      I think that it is a twisted logic, just to save the “former” strongest, aka the eight prince..>_<
      if that eight prince survived, this novel plot is screwed, and it should be taken to consideration that Ye Xiwen is not the forgiving type especially if they threaten his family at most, it was doomed from the start that the eight prince will die

  3. thanks for the chapter update!!!
    I can’t really say that he is on the wrong for killing and making more enemies but as long as he kills them sooner rather than later is seemingly a good enough reason, I will look forward in his domination in this demonic land or test!!!!
    Hope to make him more stronger and reach the 9th truth realm before leaving..\(0 3 0)/

  4. I got used to novels intruducing stronger villians after another, you kill him, master appears, you kill his master, sect appears, but come on man atleast do it with enough logic and originality not just wild grass popping out fo nowhere

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