11 comments on “GSI Chapter 200

  1. He will escape alive won’t he? This cliff is screaming it. If he stays alive after this it will be quite a shot in the foot by the author.

    • Nine out of ten times when the chapter ends with the enemy on the edge and about to die, someone pulls something out of their ass to save them at the start of the following chapter.

      So yeah, he’s probably going to live unless the author is deliberately fucking with us.

  2. If he doesn’t die before the cliff, the ennemy will survive somehow, it’s kind of a law in these type of novel…^^

  3. Really? No one’s gonna talk about that Taiji Palace Youth that used his body as a shield? Twice? Poor guy didn’t even get named. He’s the real MVP in this fight 🙁

  4. Long Morans contempt for Ye Feng is totally legit
    Ye Feng got kicked once by a RIDICULOUSLY wounded dude and can barely move even with magic power while Long Moran has been tranqed, shot with superpoison, impaled and had his entire arm ripped off at the shoulder, and Long Moran is just keeping on like nothing has happened
    And i can see why he is dissapointed in Long Waner as she is completely useless, even more useless than Ye Feng who is severely wounded and has less cultivation than her

    • Ye Feng has 10 years of cultivation and Long Mo’ran 50 years and the author makes him a h*ll of a cockroach so stop b*tching.

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