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  1. Why can’t he just die?! the author has been dragging his death for so ***** long.. pls just die in the next chapter Long Moran.

    • This is worse, after losing his sword arm like that he likely can’t get it fixed even if he can find the missing arm. Without his sword arm he is severely weakened and his future as a martial artist is ruined, considering he has sacrificed his wife, his daughter and most everything else for the sake of that future and the clan losing it is arguably worse than death for Mo’ran, his status and power were literally all he had left, now he has nothing.

  2. Thx for the chapter, it’s getting annoying seeing Long Mo’ran escape every time, i hope he dies soon…

    • Pick one:
      1- Grampa arrives and Mo’ran escapes.
      2- Ye Feng dodges and Mo’ran escapes.
      3- Someone sacrifice themselves to save Ye Feng and Mo’ran escapes.
      4- Ye Feng takes the hit, Mo’ran thinks he is dead and escapes.
      5- Ye Feng mask breaks, Mo’ran recognizes Ye Feng, remembers his past, imagines his daughter with Ye Feng and die from heart attack, NO, actually he escapes. XD

      • I pick 5 just for the laugh that i would have xD but 2 seems like the one that will happen.

  3. Its retarded that they say the crossbow wont affect Long Moran when they just killed a guy with the same cultivation level as Moran with it…

  4. Also, Long moran was impaled by the sharpest sword in the world and did a fast turnaround, so did he rip his entire upper body on it?

  5. Just caught up thanks for the chapter.
    I’m sure he’ll die after he finds out its his worst enemies son.

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