Hi Folks,
Before we go into the announcement, Novel Saga would like to apologize for keeping this entire matter away from everyone.

Novel Saga ensured that chapters were being released despite the tremendous amount of workload before making this big move, but duly deserves the criticism for being rather slow with the release pace, of late.

That being said, we’d like to inform you that Novel Saga will be moving several of its novels over to Qidian International very soon.

Until the switch takes place, Novel Saga will continue releasing the novels here at a renewed pace.


Apologies… and lots of love,
Novel Saga Team.

Hi Folks,

As many might be aware, the current translator of “Transcending the Nine Heavens” has been wanting to drop the novel, and is bravely churning out as much as he can until his readers can find a suitable translator/ translation group to take over the project.

We at Novel Saga are huge fans of Fengling Tianxia [风凌天下], and his works. Therefore, we’d like to pick up this novel and translate it further.

The first chapter [293], is already out. Please click on this link to read it. Link to chapter 293.

Please let us know your views on this.

Please note: It might take our translators to catch up with the current translation from the raws, so please allow us a slight window to bring the novel to speed. We shall try our best to release a couple of chapters every week for a little while until our new translator is all geared up to pick up.

With Love,
Novel Saga Team.

Hi Folks,

It’s been a while, so first, give us an opportunity to convey that all your complaints haven’t gone unheard. We have been working on a new system for a while now, which will make sure that everyone’s requirements are met.

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