Martial God Space

Martial God Space


Wu Shen Kong Jian (Martial God Space)




Ye Xiwen was previously just an ordinary university student on Earth, but unexpectedly, he crossed through into the world known as the Zhen Wu Jie ! In this world, formidable warriors are capable of turning over the mountains and collapsing the oceans, destroying the sky and extinguishing the earth! He originally had an ordinary aptitude, and because of that, he received the mysterious ‘Special Space’! Any martial art can be deduced within this mysterious space. What other people practice for decades, he only needs a year to practice the same thing! So long as he has enough spirit stones, any geniuses he faces are all floating clouds!


Chapters 1 to 16 have already been translated by ‘thatguywhosthere’ and he has done a good job so please go over to his website and read the first 16 chapters there! (The link to his website is present in the ‘Table of Contents’)
Instead of re-translating the first 16 chapters, I plan to translate from chapter 17, because, the fans of MGS have already become impatient to read further. More than 3000 raw chapters have already been released and it’s still ongoing.


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