13 comments on “Announcement (OEM & BE)

  1. Question? Which website will The Brilliant Era translation be posted at now?
    Super curious by the way

  2. Are you sure someone else is translating it? I checked novel updates and mangaupdates and they only show you guys as TLing it.

  3. and it is again radiant translation *facepalm* cant they god damn focus on 1 stupid novel or 3 instead of 10 or more…?

    • Ya, since radiant translations has it I can’t be bothered to check. I wish Novelsaga had kept posting instead.

  4. What about the prodigy era one I really liked the story with the alternate reality earth are you gonna bring that back? Or is it somewhere else?if it is plz give me the link.

    • Hi Usman,

      We will soon bring it back.
      The translations for ‘Reborn as a divine prodigal’ and ‘Heavenly Monarch’ will soon resume.

      Novel Saga Team

  5. Hi !!!
    Thank you very much!!
    I’m not very good reading in english because my maternal idiom is the spanish so… I’m very thankful to you for traduce this novel.
    (sorry for the mistakes in my writting)

    Gracias por traducir!!! besos 🙂

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